Our Shrink Wrap is ideally suited for application where high speed packaging equipment is running. Exceptional shrink characteristics on irregular shaped items.

It can be successfully used in applications ranging from multimedia to publishing items as well as office supplies.

  • Enhanced stiffness for high speed machine compatibility
  • Instant sealing
  • High shrink characteristics at low temperature
  • Hot slip properties
  • Excellent optics & appearance

We do provide customised shrink film according to your requirement and specs.

100% Recyclable 

Houses have become a source of major expenditure, but they would be even more expensive without packaging materials. Shrink wraps are the need of every household and restaurants. For packaging meat and cheese, food shrink wrap bags are considered to be an ideal choice. Since food shrink wraps are transparent and glossy, the food packed inside them is visible. If you have been looking for food shrink wraps bags in Singapore, visit our website and order them in bulk from us. 

Since Singapore is a country, where different varieties of food are available. Thus, people often look for shrink wraps in Singapore to pack and preserve their food by sealing it properly. Shrink wraps are made from plastics and are thus durable enough to last for a longer duration of time. You can explore the complete range of shrink bags available on our website and order them as per your ease. So, positively make use of good plastics!