Pallet Stretch Film

Stretch film is a new blend of compatible resins, co-extruded using the latest cast film technologies.

A tough, forgiving film product that allows for significant down gauge possibility without sacrificing any load integrity.

  • Unsurpassed force to load with stretch levels up to 350%
  • Excellent puncture resistance even at our lowest gauge offerings
  • Cling one side properties with quite film unwind
  • Exceptional optical clarity, for ease of view, label or barcodes


We have both Machine And Hand Wrap Film.

 Stretch wraps are used to wrap the items with the help of a stretchable plastic film. It keeps the products tightly packed with the help of elastic stretching film. During the transportation of heavy products, big boxes are required and a stretching film is also required which when wrapped on the boxes keeps the contents of the box safe. That’s when pallet wrap films are used up. Since Singapore is a hub for manufacturing various electronic gadgets. People from all over the world get electronic goods transported from Singapore. If you are looking for pallet wrap film in Singapore, just visit our website and you will get it in bulk from us. 

Make your transportation even more simplified by wrapping the goods with the help of pallet wraps. We ship pallet wrap in Singapore and other countries as well. All we need is our clients to place their orders and we will take care of the shipping and delivery of the products ordered from our website.