Packaging Bags & Film

Food Grade Bags
  • Poly Tubing & Sheeting
  • Zipper Bag
  • Specialty PE BAGS (Anti Static, Biohazard, Garment)
  • Drum Liner, Pallet Covers, Mattress Bag

Food Packaging Bag

Packaging film is made up of very thin plastic and is primarily used for packaging different products at homes and in industries. Packaging fil keeps the products free from any type of dirt, germs, gases, and liquids as they act as a barrier. Since food packaging in Singapore is quite costly and thus people and industries prefer to make use of packaging products including the packaging bags and films to protect the food items and other products from corroding away. Polyethylene bags can also be used to pack food products and other items. Also, because of the low cost, PE bags in Singapore are mostly preferred. Polythene bags are water resistant and thus do not let moisture enter into the food products packed inside these bags. Also, because they possess high tensile strength and clarity, they are widely used by the people. You can visit our website to purchase PE bags and packaging films from us at affordable prices.