Bubble Wrap

Air Bubble Pack

Air Bubble Wrap is the most versatile and flexible material available to protect your goods in different types of environment, e.g. during shipment, courier, packing, gift, and many other applications.

Singapore is a country which manufactures the maximum number of electronic gadgets. Thus, they always have to ship a bulk amount of goods from Singapore to other countries. For transporting goods from one place to another, packing them in bubble wrap bags is a must to ensure safe delivery of the products. If you are one of those dealers who ship goods from one place to another, you can buy bubble wrap bags in Singapore from us.

Bubble wrap bags are equipped with an extra layer of film on the tough bubble wrap so as to maximize the padding and inflate the bubbles for a longer duration of time. Bubble wrap bags are a perfect solution for protecting the electrical equipment against the damages such as shock and impact. Bubble packs enclose the goods easily and because they are transparent, you can check which goods are packed in them. For getting bubble pack in Singapore in less or bulk quantity, visit our website and order them.


Bubble Wrap

Double Layer Bubble Wrap 20″ x 300ft Anti Static Bubble Wrap